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Wood crafting - from modelling clay design to colouring

Get an in-depth insight into the creation of the unique wooden figures from Val Gardena, in South Tyrol in the Dolomites.

In which way is a prefabricated wooden figure created?

The best wood to carve is the wood found in the alpines forests. Here is how it works: the stem of the trees is cut in large boards, which are then cut into little squares, depending on the size of the statue planned.
Out of these little wooden squares expert artsmen make, with the help of the pantographs, the little figures. Once the work on the pantograph is completed, artsmen revise once more every single figure eliminating any imperfections.

The Gardena Art brand was created to certify the quality and origin of the woodcarvings, which are in fact produced 100% in the Gardena Valley, as provided by the Association Statute.
The “Gardena Art” brand is 100%, synonymous with the Gardenian quality as evidenced by the slogan: “Enjoy 400 years of woodcarving tradition”.

The last step of the process is the decoration. The painting of the figures is entirely made by hand, patience and love for detail are features of this last step. In addition, the colors used vary from figure to figure so that we can say that every sculpture is a single masterpiece on its own.

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