Albert Comploj



Wood carving company Comploj Albert - crib figures from Val Gardena

The wood carving concern of Val Gardena manufactures unique wood carvings and nativity figures of outstanding artistic value made from lime or maple wood.

The Comploj Albert business has been operating for 30 years, run by Olga and Albert Comploj along with their son Andreas. The Comploj family have dedicated themselves with great passion to the enchanting world of wood carving and are always striving to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

To produce the highest quality wooden figures and artworks we rely on premium lime wood or maple. By request we also produce customised and unique products according to your wishes.

In our shop in Ortisei, and also at our online store, you will find a large range of sophisticated artistic items from figures to reliefs, both religious and secular in nature.

Take a look at our finest woodcraft items in advance, then come and pay us a visit.

We look forward to seeing you,
The Comploj Albert family

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